Par Lenor: Clarification Request

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Par Lenor: Clarification Request

Postby crazyvulcan » Tue Mar 20, 2018 5:16 pm

There are a number of things about Par Lenor (Ferengi Faction Pack) that are unclear. His text reads
WHEN THIS SHIP WOULD BE DESTROYED BY AN ATTACK: Equip this card to the attacking ship, even if it exceeds that ships restrictions with a number of GPLT on the captain of this ship.

ACTIVATION PHASE: The opposing player may spend 1 GPLT on this card. Place 1 Disabled Token on an Upgrade Equipped to this ship.

1. When does the 2nd half of the card trigger?
2. Who is the referred to "Opposing Player"?
3. Who decides which Upgrade is disabled?
4. What of Par Lenor and any remaining GPLT when a ship kills the ship that killed the ship that Par Lenor was deployed to?
5. Does the opponent get the 3sp for killing the ship Par Lenor was deployed to?
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Re: Par Lenor: Clarification Request

Postby stawrulesteam » Thu Apr 05, 2018 6:51 pm

1. At the beginning of the Activation Phase if the opposing player chooses to activate it.

2. The opposing player is the player who does not currently have Par Lenor on their ship. For example, if Player A uses Par Lenor's first ability to place GPLT on him and move him to Player B's ship, Player A is now the opposing player.

3. The opposing player.

4. Par Lenor could jump again and retain any GPLT he already had. If the second ship he was on also had a Ferengi Captain you would add additional GPLT per Par Lenor's first effect.

5. This is slightly complicated due to the nature of Par Lenor's swapping. Ultimately, there are only three ways Par Lenor can be destroyed for the purposes of scoring: First, if he is discarded via an effect and the ship he was on gets destroyed. Secondly, if the ship he is on is destroyed via direct damage or some other non-attack effect his effect would not trigger and he would be destroyed. Lastly, if Player A brought Par Lenor and Player A has him on their ship, both Player A and Player B have one ship left, and Player B destroys Player A's ship, Par Lenor would swap to Player B's ship but would not be scored as Player A's or Player B's surviving fleet because Player A's fleet is entirely destroyed and Player B did not pay for Par Lenor.
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