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Bio-Mimetic Gel Token

PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2018 11:22 pm
by wiegeabo
When a ship spends a token to use another ship's crew ability, is the crew treated as if it's on the token placing ship? (Much like how an admiral can be considered to be on the ship that uses it's ability.)

Does the token spending ship have to obey the timings of the crew card? (Activation phase, When Defending, etc)

Does the token spending ship have to pay the costs on the crew card? Discard the card, disable the card, etc. If the card were to require disabling a shield or placing a disable or time token on another upgrade, would the target ship pay the cost, or the spending ship? (So the token spending ship would have to disable one of it's shields, not one of the target ship's shields.)

If the crew has a range, is the range calculated from the ship that has the crew, or from the token spending ship? For example, the target ship is at Range 1 from a planet, the token spending ship is Range 3 from the planet, and the token spending ship has a BGMT token on (Grissom) Saavik. Can the token spending ship benefit from Saavik's ability?

Re: Bio-Mimetic Gel Token

PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:47 pm
by stawrulesteam
Costs that are paid by the Crew Upgrade (i.e. Disabling, Discarding, Removing From Game, Time Tokens, etc.) are paid by the physical Crew Upgrade itself. All other costs are paid by the ship removing the BMGT unless otherwise specified by the Crew Upgrade. All timing, conditions, and costs must be met before the Crew Upgrade's effect can be activated and range is measure from the ship removing the BMGT.

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