Gorn Hegemony, Disruptor Bombardment and B'Elanna's Codes

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Gorn Hegemony, Disruptor Bombardment and B'Elanna's Codes

Postby rbliss » Thu Jun 21, 2018 6:28 pm

If I use Gorn Hegemony Elite Talent to make two attacks, can I use Disruptor Bombardment Upgrade for both attacks by putting the first set of Time Tokens on B'Elanna's Codes?

Gorn Hegemony Elite Talent
ACTION: Discard this card and treat the Captain Skill of the Captain equipped to this ship as 0 this game round.

This ship may make two attacks instead of 1 this game round.

Disruptor Bombardment Weapons Upgrade
ATTACK: Place 3 Time Tokens on this card, place a Mission Token within Range 1-2, and target all opposing ships witin Range 1 of the Mission Token.

Make a separate attack roll against each target ship. This attack cannot be obstructed by DObstacles or Planets. Discard the Mission Token after the attack is made.

B'Elanna's Codes Tech Upgrade
If one or more Time Tokens would be placed on a Weapon Upgrade equipped to this ship.

Place those Time Tokens on this card instead.
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Re: Gorn Hegemony, Disruptor Bombardment and B'Elanna's Code

Postby stawrulesteam » Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:42 pm

While not stated explicitly, this would fall under rule 23 of the Additional Rules and only work once per turn:

"All cards that contain non-ACTION text abilities that are optionally triggered by a player may only be used once per round per ship per card."
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