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PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2019 1:46 pm
by hcrulesteam
Greetings Heroclix Players,

We wanted to lead with the three categories of figures that are problematic for Skirmish play. Then, the figures in each category, and finally why each figure landed in the spot that it did. This list may update more frequently when it is new since we’re trying to settle the format into a good place.

Banned figures represent a bad game experience. They might be overpowered, unfun, or totally confusing. Even 1 such figure being on the map is a huge problem that would make people not want to play or make playing feel pointless.

Restricted figures are powerful (perhaps complicated) but not so problematic that you couldn’t allow them. A team consisting ONLY of Restricted figures would be a bad experience, so Restricted figures are limited to 1 copy per force (as if they were Unique).

Watch List figures are exactly like the Watch List for standard – these figures are on our radar that they might be more problematic than we currently believe them to be, and they might be Banned, Restricted, or Errata’d. The list will be updated as older releases are moved out of Modern Age.


PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2019 1:51 pm
by hcrulesteam
Skirmish Banned List
• WK MP18-005 Lockjaw
• RE 067 The Batman Who Laughs
• XDPS 048 Jason Wyngarde
• EX s004 Octopus Arms
• ABPI 071 Captain America

Skirmish Restricted List
• XDPS 047 Jean Grey
• WCR 001 Wolverine
• WCR 001.01 Wolverine
• WK DP19-002 Lobo

Skirmish Watch List
• XDPS 011b Magneto
• XDPS 023b Sabretooth
• XDPS 043b Mister Sinister

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