Cloaked Mines and new Planning Phase rules

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Cloaked Mines and new Planning Phase rules

Postby vitoga » Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:22 pm

There is some confusion about the first transmission of the new rule book when it comes to Cloaked Mines, initiative, timing and planning phase.

Do players resolve their cloaked mines at the beginning of the phase and then drop their Maneuver Dials after all effects have been resolved
Does each ship individually resolve effects and the drop the ship Maneuver Dial in initiative order during the Planning Phase.

I have a 1 Captain skill, 2 Captain skill and 9 Captain skill captains.
My opponent has a 5 Captain skill ,6 Captain skill and 10 Captain skill captains.
My opponent has Cloaked Mines on the ship with the 6 Captain skill captain

Does my opponent resolve his Cloaked mines before I drop my 1 Captain skill captain's Maneuver Dial and then the rest of the Maneuver Dial get dropped base on Initiative ?


Do I drop my 1 and 2 Maneuver Dial ( and cant pick them up anymore)
My opponent then resolves drop is 5 Captain skill Maneuver Dial and then resolve his Cloaked mines with his 6 skill captain and then drops his 6 Captain skill Maneuver Dial
I can no longer change the dials on my 1 and 2 captain.
Then I drop my 9 Captain skill Maneuver Dial and then my opponent drop his 10 Captain skill Maneuver Dial ?

Planning Phase:
Now, players must place their Maneuver Dials in order of ascending Captain Skill. As usual, Initiative comes into play when two or more ships have an equal Captain Skill. In this case, the player whose ship is tied for Captain Skill with an opposing ship places their Maneuver Dial last out of all tied ships.

The newly added timing rules are succinct and, in conjunction with the Initiative rules, help players resolve any potential timing conflicts that may arise. Unless otherwise specified, effects, abilities, etc. that specify a phase, step, or time to activate in can only activate at the beginning of the specified phase, step, or time

Cloaked Mines
During the Planning Phase, you may discard this card to place a Minefield Token within Range 2 of your ship (in any direction) but not within Range 2 of an Enemy ship. If an enemy ship passes within Range 1 of the token, roll 3 attack dice (-1 if the target ship immediately performs a [SCAN] Action). Any [HIT] or [CRITICAL] damages the target ship as normal. The affected ship does not roll any defense dice.
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Re: Cloaked Mines and new Planning Phase rules

Postby stawrulesteam » Thu Mar 01, 2018 2:20 am

Any card that specifies "during" a phase, without a specific sub-phase happens at the beginning of the phase. As such, Cloaked Mines would happen at the beginning of the Planning Phase before anything else happens.

Regarding the first transmission you referenced, this was how things could've worked before. As a result of there being no structure to the Planning Phase specifically, players could plan dials argue over who has to drop Cloaked Mines first, drop their mines, and then pick up their dials and change their maneuvers. This was a mess and allowed for too much nonsense to occur so we gave a structure to the timing of effects and dial assignment during the Planning Phase.
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